Friday, October 19, 2012

“The Anunnaki/Illuminati Nemesis:”   This is the title of my latest fiction book.  The idea came to me after I watched a video by a well-known TV host in which he secretly filmed famous men entering the Bohemian Grove in northern California and this group is reputed to be the “Illuminati,”  the most powerful and wealthiest individuals on the Earth.  At the same time I was well aware of all the myths concerning Nibiru and the Anunnaki.  I had read the ancient Jewish books of “The Book of Enoch,” “The Book of Jubilee,” and “The Book of Jashar.”  The characters in these sounded more like extra-terrestrials than humans.  Utilizing info from them plus the Bible, I took what is generally considered fact and twisted it with much fiction to write this book.  This is a sci fi book, self-published as e-books on Amazon and Smashwords.  It took me a year to write this book.  One sentence synopsis can be:  Jo, after watching the shenanigans of the men at Behoemian Grove and believing them to be the true Illuminati, decides to investigate and ferret out any connection down through the ages between the Illuminati and the mythical planet Nibiru and its inhabitants the Anunnaki, as referred to in old Sumerian texts as the race that created humankind to be slaves.   

“Phillipa and the Big Scot:”  This was my first attempt at fiction.  I started this book 62 years ago when my father died who was the model for the big Scot.  I worked off and on through the years on it and finally two years ago decided to finish it.  This is a historical romance and although I started out with the story being about Scotty MacTavish, it ended up being more about Phillipa.  It is self-published as an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords.  One sentence synopsis can be:  Phillipa, a pampered, naïve, rich, seventeen-year old debutant of Boston in the 1880s, is seduced by an older sophisticated Frenchman, leaving her pregnant and her father convinces unaware Scotty MacTavish, a fur trader from the Oregon Country to marry Phillipa, which he does, so bedazzled by her, that he doesn’t think through whether she is capable of ever becoming a frontiers woman.  The events and experiences in this book are real experienced either by me or my close friends.

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